GAMP's 2018 Musical Production of "In The Heights"

By GAMP | Girard Academic Music Program (other events)

4 Dates Through Mar 25, 2018

 IN THE HEIGHTS is a celebration of seeking to fulfill one's dreams, of the love we shower on our young people, of the sacrifices parents make for their children. It is a celebration of love, set to an exciting, 'must tap your feet' musical score.
   You will LOVE the characters you meet! You will want to join them in song and dance! Their enthusiasm will pull you into their story! ENJOY!!!
Cast A (Thursday and Saturday) Hannah Fink, Angel Burtaloto, Aden Siegal, Emilia Pryszlak, Eva Cheeseman, and Makaya Smith

Cast B (Friday and Sun) Sabrina Fierro, Paige Scott-Cooper, Ezra Crosby, Myjae Harris, Rebecca Nini, and Jeremiah Carrera

Mailing Address

GAMP 22nd and Ritner Sts. Philadelphia PA. 19145